Developing any sort of art form, whether it be a drawing, a piece of music, or any sort of artistic discipline, is a way of expressing yourself. By making a video game, a group of people put all those talents together, to create a product that other people can enjoy.

Perditus – A Rhythm Game is our first game, developed by us. Released on the Google Play Store on May 16th, it is completely free, with the option to pay a small price to remove ads.

Perditus, at it’s core, is a tapping game! During the gameplay, music is played, and you follow the visual queues on screen in order to tap out patterns that match the audio! A concept created many years ago, it generally never fails to be entertaining!

We did! To be more specific, the entire game was completed with the effort of 2 people: a programmer, and an artist. Every bit of content found in the game was put together by the team, including:

  1. All 5 Tracks
  2. All Backgrounds
  3. All Sprites
  4. All the programming

While today in the market there are already hundreds of THOUSANDS of games and apps, many of which are made by faceless developers who churn out apps in hopes of a few bucks. We made a game that we OURSELVES would enjoy, and I (the programmer) personally do open up my own game and give it a play through a few times a day. We look to one day make awesome games for everybody to enjoy, but we have to start somewhere! Give it a download on May 16th, and let us know what you think!

For more information on our game, check out our page on our website, and take a look at our gameplay trailer over here!

Hope to see you around!