May 16th is the date!

When we press the almighty publish button on Google’s developer console tomorrow, many things may happen.

  1. Nobody will see it.
  2. Somebody will see it but ignore it.
  3. A bunch of people will see it and play it.
  4. A ton of people will see it, play it, and like it.
  5. A ton of people will see it, play it, and dislike it.
  6. The list goes on!

A problem with many games today out for mobile devices is the lack of ingenuity and creativity! The marketplace is spammed with blatant knock-offs and effortless attempts at money making machines.

And so upon release, the one thing we CAN promise you, is a game that somebody carefully looked over and thought through, and a game where we put a little bit of ourselves into it. Perditus may just be another game on the app store that looks appealing and makes for a bit of fun for a few hours, but it was made by people who care.

So without further ado, this is what our game will contain upon release (hopefully):


    5 Fully playable tracks, all written by the developers!
    4 Different difficulties to match your skill level!
    20 Unique levels in total!
    4 Asthetic and appealing backgrounds to tap to!
    Google Play Highscores and Achievements!
    Competitive leaderboards for each seperate track/difficulty!
    A backend where we can add more free tracks!
    And the option to pay $1.49 to remove our already unobtrusive ads!


    Free downloadable packs
    Quick bug fixes
    Community support
    Multiplayer ft. leaderboards (possibly ;))

Interested? Stay tuned to the Google Play Store as well as our social media to know when we publish, as well as get hints on the ingenious projects to follow!