We care about how our games perform, what they look like, and in general, how they perform compared to how we think they SHOULD perform.

Basically, we’re always making our game better. Here’s what we changed for version 4 (the first patch after release):

MAY 19TH, 2014

    -Google Play services will now never ask you to sign in unless you ask it!
    -Added new “Share” button!
    -Tweet your score, track, and difficulty, along with a link to the Google Play store page to challenge your friends!
    -Added cool background we had lying around but had not included
    -Gameplay GUI changes!
    -all for the better, including less space hogging from font.
    -GUI tweaks!
    -to help you figure out clearly what’s going on! (and to look nice).

The update will be live on the store today, and should have no change in download size!